Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Private Schools

Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Private Schools

It has been years that boarding schools have been praised for various reasons. The major ones are that they offer small class size for students (so that each student gets equal attention), the close alliance and dependence of students and teachers and also some rigorous academic attempts. But do boarding schools benefit students in the long run? Well, there has been a thorough study and the benefit side is on the heavier side.

There are pestle weed colleges CBSE and also boarding schools CBSE where a student can get enrolled for a bright future. Many researches have shown that boarding schools make the students better prepared for college than any private day schools. Here in boarding schools, the students also make a very fast progress in their careers.

When it comes to student life and academics, the boarding schools mostly offer a highly satisfied ambience than that of private day schools and so most parents prefer sending their child to boarding school these days.

Also when it comes to college preparation, the boarding school students are better prepared than the daily private school students. In fact, the college entrance examination results also show that if there are 100 students selected then 78 percent are from boarding schools and the rest are from daily private schools. Also boarding school students get equipped to college life easily as they are already prepared in a hostel life where they have already loved independently and know how to handle their time well. So they can easily divide their time in studies and other activities and remain quite successful in doing that.

Not only in college but later in life, the boarding school students have said to get more success than normal school students. In adult life, they become more independent and organised and the entire credit for that goes to the decorum and discipline system that they face in a boarding school.

But before sending your child to a boarding school, a proper research on boarding schools is a must. The parents need to check the syllabus that they follow to teach their students. If you find that they have a proper standard then it is okay. Also the guardians need to see what other facilities they have. A good boarding school should have active sport facilities and extracurricular activities so that the children not only get stuck to studies but also spread their wings in creative aspects. People in the chaos of finding the perfect boarding school always forget the most crucial part. That is whether their child wants to go to a boarding school or not. Their decision is a very important thing. If they are not at all willing to stay away from their family then forcing them is not a good option.

One also needs to find out the pestle weed college Dehradun fee structure because boarding schools are often a bit expensive. So one needs to check whether these schools fit their pockets or not. Also the fee structure sometime depends on the reputation of the school.


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