Unburdened Travel: 5 No-Nonsense Tips If You Want to Pack Light When Traveling

Unburdened Travel

There are three beneficial reasons to pack light when traveling. For one, it is economically liberating because you can save on luggage fees and you can save time because you will not fall in long queues for long baggage checking. Another reason is that you will get to know the place you are visiting without that necessary burden on your back.

It will also help the environment because the fewer things we have in our baggage, the more we encourage ourselves to walk and not use public transport. Thus if you want to benefit from packing lightly, here are the tips that you should follow to do it.

Avoid Packing Things Up at the Last Minute

Indeed, packing your travel essentials can take a lot of effort and time on your part. That is the reason why most people do not pack lightly when traveling.

For instance, they would just put their things up the night before their scheduled travel. As such, they will forget and fail to consider lightening their baggage load, and they will regret it during their trip.

So it is important that you pack your things a few days before you leave to plan what you want to pack for your travel.

Ditch the Roll-Your-Clothes Rule

It is time to rebel with one of the travel tips you must surely have heard: rolling your clothes to pack more things on your baggage. Yes, you can stuff things more when following this tip, and that is the problem, especially if you want to pack lightly.

More things on your backpack, for instance, means that you will have to carry more weight during your travel. Instead of packing all the stuff you have, try packing the things that you mostly need in your travel.

Be Wise When Shopping for Souvenirs and Stuff in Your Travel

You are in a new place, and there might be a thing or two in that place that you want to buy and bring home. For sure, this can be a little bit tricky and can ruin your plan to travel lightly.

Thus, when going for shopping and bringing home souvenirs, you must make sure that you buy things that will not overburden your baggage load. Or you can snap photos of the place and your travel experience for remembrance instead. For sure that would be a more practical thing to do.

Bring Items That Have Multi-Functional Purposes

Bring with you things that serve beyond their original purpose. For example, footwear that you can use while walking and eating in a fancy restaurant. Or you can bring with you a towel that not only practical to wipe your body but can also double as a blanket.

Choose Backpacks

Yes, a bag with wheels is another thing that you should ditch if you want to travel lightly. The problem when it comes to bags with wheels is that they will encourage you to bring more stuff than necessary, and so will outweigh your need to pack lightly.

Thus, instead of going for bags with wheels, you can just store your travel essentials in a backpack. It will also be practical if you want to go walking or hiking in the mountain.


Packing light when traveling can provide us a lot of benefits. For instance, it can save us time and the baggage fees at the airport, and it can make us enjoy more our travel. Thus if you want to pack light on your next trip, you can follow some the tips above for this purpose.

Start by packing your things up a few days before your travel schedule, ditching the roll-your-clothes rule, shopping light souvenirs, bringing multi-functional items, and choosing backpacks instead of bags with wheels. You can find backpacks in sites such as Luggage Online to pack your things up when traveling.


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