Top Trending PHP Development Framework in 2018

Top Trending PHP Development Framework

Everyone wants to build a compelling, interactive, and appealing website for their business. But the question is how to do it in a way that is suitable, effective, and easy to manage? One of the best solutions for this is to use a server-side scripting language. PHP frameworks are the ultimate solution.

Since the last decade, a great number of evolutions have been seen in PHP. The coding structures and the method have been molded into frameworks. There are multiple of frameworks that already exist in the inventory of the developers. This article would try to showcase some of the PHP frameworks which will rule in the market in 2018.

Let them discuss in brief.

  • Laravel

Laravel has the most elegant framework in the PHP framework family.  One can make number of possible rapid application development by using its features. It comes with light-weight templating engines, elegant syntax that facilitates the task of the session, authentication, queuing, caching etc.   

  • Symfony

The best thing about the Symfony is its high level of customization. This is different software that a web developer can use because it already exists in this project. Due to its extreme lightness, you would easily be able to configure the level of security you want for your apps or websites.

  • Codelgniter

Codelgniter has the smallest footprint in the PHP framework family even if it is very compact PHP framework as per PHP programmer’s perspective. It is the best option available if you have a short time and you want to create a website with every possible feature. Codeigniter comes with the amazing support useful for the developers who are having a hard time getting the framework into their heads. It is more demanded framework. So, there are plenty of job vacancies available for this framework.

  • Phalcon

Phalcon was released in 2012 and in a very short period of time, it has gained its popularity among the web developers. It has got its name from Falcon, fastest bird living on earth. So is the functionality of the framework. It has been written in C and C++ programming language to reach the highest level of performance optimization possible.

  • Yii

Yii is among the most popular and modern PHP framework which is completely object-oriented and based on DRY ((Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding concept. So, it provides pretty clean and logical code base.

If you are a beginner then you can learn PHP from any online tutorials as there are so many channels that provide free video tutorials to teach you the basics and advanced level programming.  There is so much demand for PHP developers in the market today. Candidate can also work as a freelancer and can work on a client project. Future scope of developers is too high as each organization needs a development team to manage or build their websites. There are so many job portals available which provide the PHP jobs to the job seekers. In this regard, Monster Philippines can be a great option for you. It connects job seekers with relevant jobs to build a meaningful career and it is also updated with the latest job vacancies available.

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