When the pirouette passes the limits, what to do? Psychologist gives tips

Psychologist gives tips

Giving attention and affection, besides imposing limits, is essential.

What mother never went through that moment of discomfort, seeing her little son give one of those prank attacks in the mall or in front of the mothers of the school friends? This behavior, despite the stress it causes in parents, is fully expected of the small. But if that goes overboard and begins to affect your relationship with other children and even with other parents, you need to redouble your attention.

“The tantrum is something expected in childhood. Usually, it happens when the child is sleepy or hungry. Behind her is some discomfort, a dissatisfaction, “ says Maria Fernanda Borges, a family therapist specializing in early childhood education. However, the specialist points out that there is a barrier that can not be overcome, that is the lack of education.When that happens, then, yes, the family has a more serious problem. “At a time when the children do not obey their parents and negotiation ceases to exist, the risk of going to cursing or aggression is great. In the end, everyone is dissatisfied. ”

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According to Maria Fernanda, children who, in addition to being restless, have difficulty in relating or playing with friends, are usually aggressive and do not deal well with frustrations and limits. Therefore, some changes in the way parents act are crucial for a reversal of the situation :

  • Increased monitoring and discipline in the child’s daily life;
  • Instead of their desires, little ones need their needs met. Attention, affection and recognition are part of this list and help them organize their inner world;
  • Hearing the word no, is part of the process of humanization. Set boundaries without fear.

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Care such as these helps children realize that the world does not revolve around it. Throughout the process, they end up internalizing the references for social coexistence, growing with limits and learning to live collectively.


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