Halloween: 5 Ideas to Decorate the House


With a little creativity, it is possible to create a Halloween mood without spending too much. And the kids will have fun helping!

No more escape: Halloween has already become fashionable in Brazil. In addition to the costumes that kids (and some adults also) wear on Oct. 31 to order treats, many people like to decorate the house with pumpkins, bats and ghosts. No, you do not have to shell out a lot: with some simple but very charming ideas, and a little bit of disposition, you can leave your house with a Halloween face. See 5 Pinterest suggestions :


Covering a Japanese lantern with a piece of cloth you have … a ghost!

You can use your own house lamp by wearing it with a sheet. The eyes and mouth can be made with bonded paper or with paint-and not all ghosts need to look scary …

Dark candlestick

Bottles of wine and beer can gain a new role as candle holders on this Halloween. The secret to creating a darker look is to patiently melt the candles, forming all these lines.

Light for black cats

bright eyes in the dark inspired the craic of this amusing lamp. Take out the blinker lights from your Christmas tree, cut out the little cats’ heads on black paper. Make two little holes, thinking about the distance between the bulbs. Then just plug it in!

Mummy in the pot

Do you know those glass jars that are lost in the kitchen cupboard, most of them already uncovered and only accumulating dust?

For they can turn into a horrifying – or almost – lightening for that Halloween. Just a little bit of tape and glue and hot paste to glue the plastic little eyes that are sold in bags at party stores.

You can put both candles and flasher lights inside. Ever thought about putting together a family of ghosts using pots of different sizes?

Spider’s toothed

Yes, this ornament can give affliction to those who are afraid of spiders … But calm: it’s just a sock with the little animals stuck together. The cool thing is to leave many spiders accumulated in the background and leave them more scattered as the top approaches


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